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Why rely on a stairlift when you can enjoy enhanced safety and comfort in a hydraulic home lift?

What is a hydraulic home lift?

Hydraulic lifts have been in use for over 150 years. Today they are relatively common in all kinds of settings, from industrial warehouses to shopping centres. Because they are so compact, hydraulic lifts are often a popular choice when it comes to making public spaces accessible to wheelchair users and people with additional mobility needs when space is limited or where a discrete access solution is needed. These advantages can also make hydraulic lifts an ideal choice in residential settings.

A home lift can be a great option for making your house more accessible. Hydraulic home lifts are also available in a choice of beautiful finishes. So if you are looking for an unobtrusive access solution that blends seamlessly with your home, a hydraulic home lift could be the solution for you.

Reliable, efficient and safe

All hydraulic lifts work in the same way – a pump pushes fluid into a cylinder which raises a piston which in turn raises the lift. To go down, the fluid is released and the weight of the floor of the lift pushes the ram down into the lowered or resting position.

A key benefit of the hydraulic home lift is that the use of hydraulic technology makes the lift very efficient and reliable. No electrical power is needed to travel downwards, so even in the event of a power cut, you will be returned safely to the ground floor of your home.

Well-designed and economic

Industrial hydraulic lifts typically require a separate room to house the motor and the pump. A significant advantage of a hydraulic home lift is that all of the equipment needed to run the lift is housed in the lift shaft itself. If you’re thinking of installing a hydraulic home lift in your house, you won’t need to worry about sacrificing another room to make space for the machinery.

There are different models, options and prices available – depending on your needs, a hydraulic home lift may be the most economic option for you.

Quiet and smooth

You might be worried that using a hydraulic home lift will be noisy and disruptive, but hydraulic systems are usually very quiet. Because of this, many people prefer to choose hydraulic home lifts over other options when choosing what kind of lift to install in their home.

In addition, a crucial benefit of a hydraulic home lift is its seamless movement which enables you to travel effortlessly. Whereas conventional stairlifts can make for a bumpy ride as they move across joins in the track, hydraulic home lifts run very smoothly.

Freedom and independence

Hydraulic home lifts are heavy duty and designed to be used frequently. They may be particularly practical if your home has more than two floors. A hydraulic home lift eliminates the need to transfer from your wheelchair to a stairlift seat, which may be uncomfortable and may not provide the same level of support as your own chair.

Likewise, if you are building or adapting a home for someone who needs to take mobility equipment, such as a walking frame, wherever they go, then a hydraulic home lift is a solution that allows the user to maintain full independence within their home.

Unlike a standard stairlift, a hydraulic home lift has the advantage of providing enough space for the user to take their mobility equipment with them instead of relying on other people in the household to carry their mobility aids upstairs for them – something which can be exhausting and dangerous.

If you a are full-time wheelchair user who relies on their wheelchair 24/7 then a hydraulic home lift can be a huge benefit. A hydraulic home lift is an access solution that is spacious enough to allow you to be truly independent and access all of your home in the comfort of your own wheelchair.

A hydraulic home lift offers a safe way to access all levels of your home, a smooth ride and an unrivalled sense of freedom. Contact us today to find out how you could benefit from a hydraulic home lift.