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Our wide range of lifts ensures the safe transportation of people and goods, in commercial or domestic settings. Our previous guide on home lifts provides a view of the versatility and usefulness of home lift solutions for people to navigate within their homes.

We will now look at service lifts, which can be bespoke or from our stock, with fast installation times and innovative functions.


Available in non-standard sizes, our dumb waiter lifts are available in five 50kg models and two 100kg models. Ideal for the efficient food transport, the dumb waiter lifts work at a speed of 0.35m/s. With a fast installation time of one to two days, whether you own a restaurant or need to transport food at home in order to assist a disabled person, we can install a two floor lift easily.

Also known as micro lift or lazy waiter, dumb waiters first appeared in the 19th century and have since been continuously used for convenience.

GUIDE TO SERVICE LIFTS - The Axess2: Guide to Service Lifts


The Hydraulic G300 features a wide range of skin plate colours that are sure to fit your building’s design and style. Fitted with LED saving spot lights, the Hydraulic G300 is an energy efficient service lift. Featuring a 300kg load capacity, it allows for safe use in a commercial or retail environment. Both indoor or outdoor installations are possible, with the latter being inside of a water proof structure. Depending on your requirements, the lift can have a linoleum, rubber, vinyl, or metal flooring.

GUIDE TO SERVICE LIFTS2 - The Axess2: Guide to Service Lifts

Travelling a maximum of 20 metres, the Hydraulic G300 can come with one of three configurations: single, through, or adjacent.


Similar to the Hydraulic 500 Rafael, the Hydraulic G600 has a 200mm low pit and a low headroom height. However, the Hydraulic G600 has a higher load capacity of 600kg. With double capacity than the Hydraulic G300, this lift has a 200mm pit. This goods lift is ideal for commercial or business buildings due to its advanced technology.

The Hydraulic G600 travels less four metres than the G300, with a total of 16 metres, and it can have one of the three configurations that the G300 also sports. Both models can be built to bespoke dimensions to adapt to your requirements and your building’s structure.

GUIDE TO SERVICE LIFTS3 - The Axess2: Guide to Service Lifts


Withstanding up to 1000kg load, the equivalent of eight people, the Lyfta L sports tactile braille push buttons for ease of use. With low maintenance and service costs, this extremely affordable lift has the fastest installation time for a product of its kind on the market, needing only three to four days for a safe installation.

Whether you require a passenger or a goods lift, the Lyfta L can provide a wide range of options that are sure to fit your building’s requirements. A fold-down seat can be fitted in the lift for extra comfort and a voice announcer complements the easy access functionality.

In addition, a smartcard system to reduce public access is an efficient way of ensuring you know who has access to which levels. Electric emergency lowering and fire emergency lowering are also available in conjunction with fire rated doors EI60G or EI60.

GUIDE TO SERVICE LIFTS4 - The Axess2: Guide to Service Lifts


Transporting heavy goods is a necessary and sometimes troublesome endeavour. Trolley lifts are the perfect solution to carry loads up to 300kg in environments like hotels, retail stores, and pubs, among others.

Requiring minimal builder’s work, a quick installation of only a few days ensures the least possible disruption to your business’ normal functioning, allowing for stable levels of productivity. Measuring 1000mm per 1175mm, the car size ensures you can efficiently transport large-sized loads. For extra safety, an electrically interlocked, collapsible picket gate can be fitted into the lift to make sure that loads don’t move during transportation.

GUIDE TO SERVICE LIFTS5 - The Axess2: Guide to Service Lifts

Whether you require service lifts for your building or any other type of lift like platform lifts, here at Axess2 we offer a wide range of technologically innovative lifts that are sure to meet your requirements. Simply get in touch with us by giving us a call on 01200 405005. Our friendly team is always happy to help!

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