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Installing a lift in your home is a great way to future-proof your home, to cater for those that may have hindered mobility or those of us who are getting older and would benefit from not having to struggle with the stairs. When attempting to increase the ease with which you can move between levels there is a hard decision to be made between a stair lift and a more conventional platform lift. Both of these technologies have their benefits for those with limited ability and can really enrich your life.

Accessibility is key to an effective lift and it simply must be easy to use as otherwise it can easily become a hindrance to you. Stair lifts are fairly easily accessible, allowing those in wheelchairs to overcome the obstacles of stairs both inside and outside, and have become far more so in recent years. The problem with many stair lifts used to be that they couldn’t take the wheelchair with them which rather ruled them out for those with severely limited mobility. Modern stair lifts such as our Expressa allow you to be transported in your wheelchair between floors. Platform lifts also allow you to go between levels in your home whilst still remaining comfortable in your wheelchair and requiring no physical exertion whatsoever.

As a stair lift is fitted to the existing staircase it does require relatively little installation, they do however limit the width of the stairway and can inhibit access when it is needed for furniture or other access. Whilst this may not be a problem for many, those with staircases that are already narrow will really feel the loss of width. In addition, a stair lift may not be suitable for all staircases, particularly those with tight turns. A platform lift is separate from the staircase entirely and does not impede the accessibility of the stair case. A platform lift will also allow you to access several floors, and can be installed surprisingly easily and quickly in most homes.

Here at Axess2 we understand that either the platform or the stair lift is an excellent option whatever your level of mobility and can really help you to regain the use of your entire home. We offer a range of both platform and stair lifts, in order to cater to your needs whatever they may be.