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The Silens Pro Revolution® is a machine-roomless lift, with gearless permanent magnet traction which integrates the most sophisticated technologies available to ensure maximum safety, ride comfort, energy efficiency and the effective management of passenger traffic. Designed for vertical transport loads of 450Kg up to 1000Kg with a unique and technologically innovative solution notably superior to the other options currently available on the market.


The Silens Pro Revolution has been designed down to the smallest detail to take passenger safety, ride comfort and travel experience up to unheard-of levels.

  • Varispeed. Increases nominal speed up to 1.2m/s based on car load without increasing nominal consumption.
  • SIRES. A new concept based on a PESSRAL device with 1mm precise shaft positioning and electronic overspeed governor.
  • Lift cars, car operating panels and signals with avant-garde design.
  • DTF technology. Increased comfort with reduced waiting times.
  • Smartech car and landing displays. Real-time information for passengers.
  • Electrical safety gear. Very short reaction time of the magnet release system ensures highest safety (low tripping speed).
  • Eco-friendly. VDI 4707 A rated including as standard.
  • Fast & straightforward installation. The Silens Pro Revolution®can be installed in under 100 hours.
  • Plug and Play 2.0. Reduced installation time based on unique new features.
  • IMEM App. Wireless interface thanks to the new state-of-the-art App
CAPACITY100 – 630kg max
DRIVE SYSTEM DETAILSTraction with counterweight system.
SPEED1.2 m/sec
PITMin 1050mm Max 1550mm
HEADROOMMin 3400mm
CABIN SIZEMin Depth 1200mm, Max Depth 1450mm, Min Width 950mm, Max Width 1150mm
ENTRANCE 0°, 180°
Silens Pro Revolution Isometric



Silens Pro Revolution® is the first MRL lift that operates with the new ALEC sys-tem (Automatic Learning Elevator Control).

ALEC is a new technological concept based around the machine learning con-cept which gives the lift a new level of intelligence never seen before.

Brand-new technology that converts the Silens Pro Revolution® in to the first lift on the market that travels faster that it’s nominal speed.

SIRES (Shaft Intelligent Revolutionary Elevator System)
A concept based on a PESSRAL device with an electronically activated over-speed governor, electromechanical safe-ty gear and absolute positioning that guarantees maximum safety of passengers and allows automatic shaft learning, drastically reducing commissioning costs.


The ALEC system includes new features specifically designed for lift professionals:

New App designed by lift engineers for lift engineers to facilitate maintenance and technical support tasks.

Maximum simplicity thanks to the latest Plug and Play technology (pre-wired and pre-tested) as well as Quick Spin technology that instantly synchronises the gearless machine and drive removing expensive commissioning costs.


The concept is simple: A sensor mounted on the elevator car detects the current absolute car position using Hall sensors, which read the magnetic tape mounted in the shaft without any contact. The proven magnetic tape technology has considerable advantages over alternative measuring methods. By directly detecting the cabin position in the shaft, typical measurement errors caused by rope slip or dynamic rope effects (rope expansion) are avoided.


To satisfy functional safety requirements, the LIMAX absolute car position measurement sensors are fully redundant and thus can be used for safety-relevant applications up to SIL3. Therefore, safety-relevant switching and control functions that depend on the position and the speed of the car can be implemented in the software.

The safety-relevant functions include:

  • end terminal speed limiting
  • end limit and inspection end limit switch function
  • door-overbridging and premature opening of doors when entering the floor
  • protection against unintended car movement with open doors
  • triggering of safety gear at overspeed

With LIMAX shaft information and safety systems, a considerable number of existing mechanical components and subsystems in the shaft can be dispensed with. The installation, cabling and adjustment of various switches and light barriers are no longer necessary. Maintenance and troubleshooting are also simplified. Click here for video

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