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Energy efficiency is a massive thing in our modern world, and pretty much every sector is facing increasing pressure to conform to such eco-friendly patterns wherever possible. The area of lift design is no exception, and here at Axess2 we’re proud to say that our home lifts and the like are some of the most energy efficient solutions of their type. Of course, there’s always room for improvement though, and that’s exactly what was being discussed at a recent world congress.

The Smart City Expo

Held in Barcelona, the Smart City Expo looked into the idea of more energy efficient elevators in a big way. Apparently, 10% of the energy consumption that’s attributed to every building is blamed upon elevators, and so new advances are targeting improvements in this area. The plan is to cut energy usage for elevators by around 27%, whilst upping the available floor space too. As is so often the case, then, advances in energy efficiency go hand-in-hand with improvements in functionality.

Energy Improvements

There are a lot of ways that elevator designers are looking to address potential energy issues with lifts in buildings, and we could well begin to see some of these new innovations in the coming years. Some of the possibilities include having elevator shafts which are used to house two cabins rather than just one, and this would indeed do wonders for reducing the individual elevator footprint within typical buildings; especially the very largest ones which now grace skylines around the world.

Elevators and Skyscrapers

Given the fact that buildings are now rising higher into the skies than ever before, elevators actually play a very large role when it comes to the implementing of sustainable and self-sufficient systems. When you consider the difference that a relatively simple step can make with regards to energy usage – such as the removal of a counterweight, which would otherwise necessitate far larger elevator installations – it’s easy to see why elevator design goes hand in hand with sustainable building, and will doubtless continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

All of these discussions about the energy usage of lifts are very interesting, and at Axess2 we’re fully behind such efforts to make future lift designs as eco-friendly as possible. In the meantime though, you can rest assured that our existing elevators are as up to date on the energy efficient front as possible, so contact us now calling 01200 405 005 or email to find out more.