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Lift safety has been a great topic of discussion and an area of concern ever since they were first invented. Though various mechanical improvements have made lifts safer, there are a couple of ways, where you can help to further improve the safety of  your home lifts.

Children Must Be Accompanied at All Times

One way the safety of your lift can become compromised is by allowing children to play in the lift. As exciting as it may be for young children to have a lift in their- or a family members -home, it’s important to stress to children that a lift is not a toy.

Playing with buttons, over stimulating the lift or jumping up and down in the cabin can cause significant damage to the workability of the lift. This may result in the lift getting stuck between floors or in not moving from the ground floor. Be sure to stress to your children what and who the lift is for.

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Maintain a Clean and Tidy Lift

You may be surprised to find that an accident is more likely to occur on leaving or entering your domestic lift than when you’re inside the lift itself. Clutter such as toys, shoes, bags etc, are a leading cause of lift related accidents. It’s a widely known fact that leaving belongings on the stairs causes accidents, it’s no surprise to find that the same can be said for a domestic lift.

Be sure to keep the area around your lift clean and clear, remove anything which may prevent the door from closing fully and be sure you emphasise this fact to anybody else living inside your house.


Regular Checkups

Another way you can be sure your domestic lift is safe and sound is by having a regular check up. With a qualified lift expert checking your lift is perfectly functional, you can sleep easy knowing you won’t be in for any costly repairs.

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Of course, it always helps to have your domestic lift delivered and installed by reliable experts. Our lifts all follow required regulations to ensure your lift is safe, secure and in full working order.

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