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In our last blog post, we looked at some of the world’s recreational lifts, and mentioned that some held records; the fastest double-decker elevator in the world, and the oldest birdcage lift still in operation. Whilst passenger lifts don’t often need to break records, it’s always interesting to look at those which do, as they represent a fascinating insight into lift technology.

The Fastest Lifts

In our last post, we mentioned that the Burj Khalifa in Dubai has the fastest double-decker elevators in the world; they ascend at a speed of 36kmph, or 600 metres per minute. However, the fastest elevators of any kind are the two currently installed in the Taipei 101 tower in Taiwan, speeding up the 501 metre high skyscraper at 60kmph, or 1,010 metres per minute – and the elevators feature a display so you can see just how fast that really is.

However, even that record is already expected to be surpassed – the Guangzhou CTF Financial Centre, due to be completed in 2016, is to feature lifts capable of an astonishing 72kmph – 1,200 metres per minute.

The Highest Lifts
Considering that it holds a number of world records, including the tallest structure ever built, the tallest skyscraper, and the world’s highest occupied floor, it’s unsurprising that the Burj Khalifa also holds the records for the highest elevator installation and the world’s longest travel elevators. At the very top of the building – a dizzying 829m, or 2,722 ft, the spire maintenance elevator is the highest in the world, whilst the main elevators travel a staggering 504m (1,654 ft) between their lowest and highest stops.

The tallest outdoor elevator in the world is thought to be the Bailong Elevator, a 330m (1,070 ft) glass elevator built onto the side of a cliff in the Wulingyan area of China. The highest exterior elevator in Europe is the Hammetschwand Lift in Switzerland (left), which rises 153m (502ft) to a lookout point 1132m (3714 ft) above sea level, with breathtaking views that are sometimes above the clouds themselves.

The Largest Lifts
The largest passenger lifts in the world are installed in an office building in Japan. At 3.4m (11.15 ft) wide and 2.8m (9.2 ft) long, they may be larger than some studio apartments, and can carry 80 people each. They’re used to shuttle office workers en masse up past the first fourteen floors of the Umeda Hankyu Building in Osaka, which are occupied by a large department store.

While you may not need a record-breaking lift for your store, business or home, here at Axess 2 we specialise in finding the most suitable lift for your needs. For information on our range, you can contact us online or call our team on 01200 405 005.