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Whether it’s to help with accessibility or simply as a touch of luxury, many homeowners are now looking at installing or including lifts within their homes. There are many advantages to domestic lifts; they make it easy for the occupants to get around the home, and it means that if you have visitors who are less able to get around, they won’t be restricted to the ground floor rooms. It can also make it easier to move furniture into the property.

Advances in technology have made it easier than ever to install a passenger lift into a residential property. Traditionally, lifts needed a large pit and a separate machine room, and therefore were not practical for home use as they would take up far too much space. Nowadays, we can offer modern traction and hydraulic lifts which need only a very small pit – or with a small access ramp, no pit at all – and no separate machine room, making them perfect for your home. Even where space is limited, or where you have an unusually shaped staircase, it is now possible to design a lift to fit.

Here at Axess 2, we offer a great range of domestic lifts, ensuring that there’s something to suit every home.

If you want a simple lift solution, you can choose from a range of standard sizes and finishes, for a practical, yet attractive product. The majority of our standard lifts can be fitted with low pits and low headroom, making them a very easy lift to install in almost any home.

For those with more specific requirements, our talented design team can work with you to create a bespoke design to match your style and décor perfectly; this is a great option for buildings with unusual space limitations, or for homeowners who want something unique, attractive and practical for their property.

We also offer a range of stair lifts such as the Expressa incline wheelchair platform lift, which provides a platform for wheelchair users and can be installed very easily onto any straight staircase. So whatever kind of lift you want for your home, contact us today to discuss your requirements and find the perfect lift for your home.