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Home Lift

A home constructed according to the principles of universal design accommodates the needs of everyone who lives or visits there, regardless of physical ability or age.

Such a property could include a home lift. Once seen as exclusively for wheelchair users, home lifts are now recognised as beneficial to many people, particularly seniors wishing to remain in their homes despite loss of mobility, strength or agility. Axess 2 can help you future proof your home.

A home lift is a mechanical device that allows the user to travel between different floors of a house. There are three main types of lifts: vertical platform lifts, inclined platform lifts, and step lifts.

Our vertical platform lift can travel vertically as much as 5 metres and is a great option in tall properties with multiple floors. This kind of lift is often enclosed in its own steel lift shaft or a purpose built masonry shaft.

An inclined platform lift consists of a platform that travels up and down an existing stairway or steps. Although it is usually used by people in wheelchairs, some models may incorporate a fold-down seat for those who have difficulty using stairs.

A step lift is generally used when there is a small change in height between levels, usually positioned alongside an existing staircase or steps. We have a suite of step lifts which can accommodate of range of heights from 500mm to 2000mm. These lifts can be used externally or internally.

Another device to consider in a multi-storey property is a hydraulic or traction home lift. This is enclosed in a shaft and can travel vertically as much as 12 metres. There are a wide of options available for these particular types of lift for when more of a bespoke lift solution is required.

To determine which lift device best meets your needs and where it can be feasibly located, call the office today and speak to one of lift specialists who will be more than happy to help.