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How often do you find yourself using a lift? Do you use one reach the top floor of your building, when you go shopping, or perhaps you have one installed in your house? Lifts are a part of everyday life and we use them without even thinking.

Cities boast astonishing sky scrapers and buildings that tower over others, but they haven’t always been around, which makes you think about what would life be like if we didn’t have lifts:

Sky Scrapers Wouldn’t Be Around

How can you get to the top of the tallest building in the world without an elevator? The truth is, without lifts, these buildings wouldn’t exist. The Burj Khalifa (828m), Shanghai Tower (632m), and One World Trade Centre (541.3m) couldn’t exist as we know them. In fact, the average tallest buildings would only be around two to three stories tall. Instead of going up, buildings would widen to accommodate a higher population.

Skyscraper Lift


Without elevators, society would be used to taking the stairs to get to different stories, and as this is keeping them active, it would result in the world being more fit as people would be using more energy to exercise up and down the stairs. With elevators, people aren’t using as much energy. The increase in physical activity from the use of stairs increases people’s fitness levels.

No Penthouses

If there are no multi-story buildings, then penthouses wouldn’t exist either. Did you know that, before lifts were invented, the top floors of buildings were only reserved for the utility staff and low-rent paying tenants of luxury hotels and apartments? The wealthy, celebrities, and prominent figures were the ones who lived on the lower floors. This is because they were more accessible and they could avoid going up and down multiple flights of stairs.


Issues for the Elderly and Disabled

Those who benefit most from the introduction and installation of lift systems are the elderly and disabled individuals. Elevators provide a practical solution for them to access the higher and lower levels of buildings, which is great for those who are not capable of walking up and down the stairs by themselves. Elevators have provided an easy operation function, providing convenience from going from one floor to another. Without lifts, they would struggle greatly getting to higher and lower levels.

How Elevators Changed the Future

The generation of the past couldn’t imagine a world with buildings that tower over cities, and how it feels like you’re on top of the world. Even when the first steam powered passenger lift was invented in 1857, people wouldn’t know what it would evolve into. Today, lifts are faster than ever and there are even talks of lifts going sideways instead of just up and down!

The elevator has changed much more than we ever thought it could, and without it, the world as we know it would be significantly different.

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