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Although not everyone agrees on the kind of lift they want or where to place it, most people are in accordance with one very important aspect of purchasing a lift: the warranty. While technology nowadays is incredibly reliable and durable, nothing lasts forever. Over time, appliances stop working as well as they did when they were brand new, cars need to have parts replaced, lifts malfunction…

While not everyone seems convinced that purchasing warranty is worth it, many agree that it does make life easier.

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It’s important that you’re aware of your warranty when you purchase a lift. Home lifts can be covered for two years on a limited-part warranty and one year on a labour warranty on installations. Other manufacturers may provide a five-year guarantee on equipment, which means that in order to avoid being caught by surprise, you should always make sure you know your warranty and when it expires.

You’re already covered by the Consumer Rights Act 2015, which says that goods have to be of satisfactory quality, do the job intended and last for a reasonable amount of time. However, this Act doesn’t cover every possible circumstance – for example, if you bought an appliance or a lift and they malfunction after a few years, you may not be able to return it. This is where extended warranty comes in.


If you doubt whether you should get additional warranty when you purchase a product, you should always consider how many time you use it. Regular use of a car, domestic appliance or lift can result in the deterioration of parts, for instance, meaning it’s incredibly important that you keep an eye out for that.

It can become expensive to have your lift checked out on a regular basis, so extended warranty allows you to get your product serviced regularly – this way you can rest assured that your lift is getting the right amount of maintenance at all times. Warranty can give you more than peace of mind, then; it can also help you save money.


Another reason why obtaining a warranty is important is that you may need to have your goods, or its parts, replaced. The warranty that comes with a product assumes that if it breaks down within six months, then it must have been faulty in the first place – however, if this is not the case and it malfunctions after this time period, you’ll probably have to pay for repairs and replacements yourself.

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Due to the advantages that it brings, purchasing a warranty allows you to relax even if your lift malfunctions – you can merely have it repaired without fearing the bill. Extended warranty can help protect your investment for a longer period of time and ensure that not only will you not lose money, but you’ll also be confident that you have someone to take a look at your lift should something go wrong.

Warranties are, therefore, an important element to any purchase, and should always be considered, no matter which product you want to buy. A home lift can last for a very long time, so having it serviced and repaired when needed ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy it for even longer.