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The new year is almost upon us, which means many new beginnings as well as a new set of trends hitting the interior design scene. Trends are constantly changing and developing, including those of interior design.

Perhaps more than any other fluctuating trends, statements within interior design create a storm on their arrival, making for excited homeowners, architects and even lift suppliers!

home lift is a great statement of style and can fit into any up and coming trends. Here at Axess 2, we don’t just know the ins, outs, ups and downs of lifts, through our work with architects we also have a great understanding of the latest design trends and how our innovative lifts tie in perfectly with your ideal look.

2018 is sure to bring some inspiration for any lover of interior design and architecture, but what will be the most popular design trends of next year, and how can you make a home lift tie in perfectly with these designs?


While metallic accents in the home have been popular in the interior design world in 2017, 2018 is set to see this trend become even bigger.

Gold, brass, silver, bronze and even rose gold are going to see a continuation in their popularity, however, there is a slight change in the types of metallic being utilised by architects and interior designers. A fresher palette is being predicted, with a focus on polished nickel and silver touches. An industrial feel is certainly something to consider and will help your interiors to stand out from the crowd – presenting a unique yet timeless style.

Of all the metallic tones, bronze will be the top of the style ladder, so consider incorporating this into your design –  whether it’s something as simple as the light fittings or something bolder like such as a home lift.

Picture 1 768x1024 - Interior Design Trends for 2018 - Lift Lookbook


Over the final months of 2017 and especially heading into 2018, interior design is set to take a step back into nature, reflecting the light and natural tones of the outdoors.

Soft, calm and warming darker tones will be making their way into all rooms – from the kitchen to the bathroom, and even your lift.

0031 - Interior Design Trends for 2018 - Lift Lookbook

Through using glass, you can create a reflection from the light coming in, incorporating the outside greenery into your space. This is the perfect way to brighten the space without too much effort, as the glass and its reflections will do all the hard work, bringing nature effortlessly inside.

Earthy wooden tones will also be on trend, from the exteriors to the inside of your home. Panelling is big and can create a soft yet bold statement, worthy of incorporating your lift design into.

IMG 3075 1 - Interior Design Trends for 2018 - Lift Lookbook


Bright and popping colours are popular in interior design, but this will be especially so for the coming year. Pantone, having released their ‘Colour of the Year’ – Greenery, with their choice showing just how perfect bold statements are for the new year.

Brightness is teaming up with the environment, bringing greenery to the forefront of trends.

Inspired by progressive movements in all aspects of 2018 such as youth culture, high-tech connectivity and bold style statements mixed with a love for nature, these colours are perfect for your interior designs. Whether you decide to incorporate this colour into the bedroom, living room or through the installation of a new lift in your home, we advise you to go brave and bold.

Other colours include bright reds, blues and even an ultraviolet purple.

bright bold trend - Interior Design Trends for 2018 - Lift Lookbook


A design of classic elegance truly brings a timeless style into your home. If you are looking for a clean and innovative design, then opting for this trend is for you.

A sign of a truly modern design is the incorporation of a more neutral colour palette and bright lighting, creating an open and airy space. While trends may come and go, the aspects of understated elegance will never go out of style.

modern trends class - Interior Design Trends for 2018 - Lift Lookbook

A reaction of resistance against other bolder statements may result in this style becoming bigger than ever in 2018, and both your home lift and your interiors will be a great way to introduce this classic style into your overall design concept.

Axess2 are experts in lift design, so get in touch today to discuss how we can help you to get the most out of these design trends.