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We have previously discussed how important it is to seamlessly integrate your lift into your existing interior design, and as an interior design expert, you may or may not have come across a project which requires the inclusion of a lift.

Lifts are incredibly versatile; much more so than you may initially think. In fact, even the most natural of interior design styles can incorporate a modern lift if approached in the right way.


Many aspects of a lift can be created to specific standards, including the look of the lift itself. This give you a bigger range of the colours that are available for you to work with, meaning that even the most modern of lift fascias can be made to look rustic and nature inspired.

A home lift next to some chairs

You will already have a colour palette to work with from the existing style that you have planned for your room, so try and stick to using those within the interior and exterior of your lift to really keep the theme flowing smoothly throughout.

Neutral colours such as browns, reds and greens are always going to help an interior look more natural; even some shades of blue are also beneficial to include, too.


Natural interiors are heavily reliant on how much light is used, and your lift design should also focus heavily on how it should be lit.

The Traction 400 Leonardo lift by a staircase

Using lifts that are comprised of many windows is a great way to keep as much natural light as possible entering the lift during the day time. At night, however, you will need to install some form of lighting that mimics natural light as much as possible to keep the natural theme alive.

It’s not just an aesthetic decision, either; it’s a safety one, too. There must be enough light present to make your lift usage a safe experience.


There’s more to a lift than just how it looks from the outside; the interior can be made to fit in with the interior design of your home too.

Hydraulic lift 250kg5

As the lift will be making two or more stops, you will need to think about the interior design in each of these rooms and tie them together somehow, so that as your lift reaches its destination on each floor, it will still fit in no matter where it stops.

You could do this by incorporating something from each room into the lift’s design; a splash of colour from the décor or the accessories that are on your landing, or interior panels which match a specific feature in your living room.


There is nothing more beautiful than a nature-inspired interior that is created in a sustainable manner which helps the environment outside the home, too.

Forest Path -iStock_000010536800_Full

If you, or your client, are particularly environmentally conscious, then you may want to consider sourcing a company to design your lift who also follow the same ideals.

You may not naturally think that lifts and their bulky machinery are particularly green or sustainable, but there are models which are designed with a lower environmental impact in mind. Take your nature inspired interior design to another level and find a company who cares just as much about nature as you do!

The natural interior style is definitely here to stay, and it is one of the most iconic, easy to work with styles that a lift can be implemented into. Using our lift design service, you can create the perfect lift to fit any interior style you may have in mind. For more information on how Axess2 can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.