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With the continual advancement of technology in the current day, specialist products for specific groups of people, such as the disabled, are widely available, with an endless supply of innovatively designed solutions. This means that the movement of disabled people both in public and private spaces is usually no longer restricted, and those with limited mobility may no longer need to plan ahead when taking a journey; which several years ago was an unwelcome essential for many people.

There is still room for improvement though in many spaces. There are regular local news reports regarding public anger over a facility having inadequate disabled access, along with calls for councils to improve such functions; particularly in privately owned buildings.

Here at Axess 2, we are proud to offer a selection of disabled lifts which are specially designed and adapted to allow ease of movement for the disabled. Disabled lifts can be well adapted into many different types of space, both indoor and outdoor, and models are manufactured with the traditional setup of both homes and public spaces such as schools, churches, restaurants and shops in mind.

Here is a guide to the types of disabled lift we provide.

Incline Platform Lift

Similar to the idea of a conventional stairlift, incline platform lifts are great for residential properties, but provide the benefit of being able to directly lift the wheelchair without the passenger having to transfer to another seat.  This type of wheelchair lift has a platform which can be completely folded away when not in use and, as they are installed directly to the side wall of a stairway, no building work or changes of structure are needed.

Step Lift

Designed for the disabled market, our step lifts come in 2 different forms including a version for high drops of up to 2 metres, and our traditional model for low steps or staircases, normally placed alongside a small staircase. Our step lifts are highly adaptable, and are perfect for particularly awkward spaces. We are able to create bespoke designs for almost any space, and with a wide range of design and aesthetic features, meaning that although step lifts cannot be folded away like incline platforms, they can be carefully designed to reflect the design and character of their surroundings.