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Here at Axess2 we can provide you with a wide range of lifts including platform liftspassenger lifts, and dumb waiters. Dumb waiter lifts are ideal for transporting food and drink between locations or floors in a restaurant, bar or pub. They work just like an ordinary lift apart from the fact that they terminate in kitchens. In this blog we will look into the reasons why our dumb waiters can benefit your restaurant.

Great Service

It goes without saying that customer satisfaction should be your main concern when it comes to running your restaurant. This should be reflected in the friendliness of your staff and the speed of the service your customers receive. If you have a dumb waiter then you can provide a quicker service to your customers, especially if you have multiple floors in your restaurant. Food needs to be carefully prepared and delivered in a time effective manner, so the dumb waiter is widely considered to be one of the hardest workers in the kitchen.


Our Dumb Waiters at Axess2 come in a wide range of styles and they will complement the look of your restaurant, which is why they have been utilised within some of the UK’s most prestigious establishments. If you would like to save space in your kitchen they can be designed to fit inside or on the exterior of your premises.


They are also extremely affordable and there are no hidden costs after they have been installed. You can easily budget for this apparatus that will improve the standard of your restaurant. In addition to this, by installing a dumb waiter you will save money because you will not need staff to transport the food manually. If you don’t have a dumb waiter already, it is well worth investing in.

Our space-saving dumb waiters can be installed with minimal disruption to your business, if you would like to find out more information about our range of dumb waiter get in touch with us today by calling 01200 405 005.