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When tasked with a job, you want to make sure you have the right people to help you succeed in completing it to the highest standards. Composing the perfect team can be time consuming and stressful, but the right team can lead to success and create long-term relationships for the future.

Within the architectural market, sourcing the right people for the right role takes a lot of experience and knowledge, but there are a few common attributes that these people share. By keeping an eye out for these traits when composing your team, you’re more likely to reap the rewards.

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When creating a team for a project, it should be based on specific, professional skills. When picking people for their technical talent, you don’t necessarily want the ones that are more capable in other areas, but the ones that are just right for the job in hand.

Identify the activities needed to be achieved in the team, and pick people accordingly. You don’t want to pick someone with higher skills in projects that won’t utilise them, as it will foster an air of frustration throughout the team.

Harnessing people based on specific activities they’re required to perform, and skillsets they’ve proven to excel at, will prevent frustration and breed positivity within the team.


No project or team runs solely on technical competencies; communication plays a vital role as well. If you have a room full of highly capable individuals who are working on different aspects of a job, but are unable to talk to each other about requirements or gain clarification on aspects of the project, then the team and job will not succeed.

You don’t want miscommunication to be the root cause for a project’s failure, so having a team of great communicators is a high note for success. Did you know that good storytellers make great communicators? Having a team who are comfortable with each other will make everything easier.

Earthquake Resistant Lift - How to Create the Perfect Team Using the Right People for the Right Job


With creating the perfect team, you want people who are compatible with other team members and are committed to the job. Avoid individuals who always say ‘yes’, and instead, have people who voice a different perspective from others in a constructive manner.

Having a fresh point of view could be just what the team needs. Also, having results-orientated people who like to make a difference are a great addition to any team.

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