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Domestic lifts are no longer just a luxury, but a necessity. After all, they provide better access for people to move around their own homes, no matter who needs it. Whether the house has a lot of storeys, or the people living there have physical disabilities or are elderly, the installation of a lift can certainly make things easier.

With the UK having an increasingly ageing population, the need for mobility aids is rising too. Home lifts, therefore, are the perfect solution for many, as they allow elderly users to bypass certain challenges, like climbing stairs to access higher storeys.

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Home lifts are perfect for elderly clients who want to lead an independent life in spite of any mobility issues. Not only are these lifts convenient, they’ve also been designed specifically to fit into their homes. There are many safety measures, such as power backup systems and emergency stops with alarms, that people can benefit from, so there’s always something for everyone – and every home!

Tailor-made solutions are the right option, then, as they can match the features of any space and ensure everyone can use them, no matter their physical limitations.

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For many, age comes with restrictions to movement, which means people find it difficult to walk long distances and climb stairs. With lifts, elderly clients can carry on doing their day-to-day activities, such as carrying groceries to higher or lower storeys, all within the safety of the lift.

This means that lifts can help prevent injuries and accidents, since the risk of trips and falls on stairs can be minimised – or even avoided.


When people are more independent, they feel more confident. This is due to the fact that elderly customers will not feel helpless if they have more freedom of movement inside their home, something that is especially important as people lose the ability to do some of their usual tasks. Improving mobility, then, doesn’t just help them in regards to their body, but also to their mind.

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No one wants to find out that the only way to improve access to all areas of their home is by adding a room to the property. People don’t have to build another bedroom on the ground floor when climbing up and down the stairs becomes challenging – instead, by installing a lift, clients not only improve their freedom of movement but also save money by avoiding the construction of another space.

For everyone looking to be more mobile in their own homes, home lifts are a great solution! People with reduced mobility, such as the elderly, can easily use their domestic lift on a daily basis, as they’re created with the user in mind, no matter the physical challenges they face.