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There are many advantages to having a lift installed in a home, including the fast and easy access to all areas of the home. However, every case is different and a lift that can be installed in one home may not be able to be installed in another, especially if it’s for people with physical disabilities or age-related issues. After all, home lifts may not be able to deal with wheelchairs unless especially equipped for it.

For this reason, disabled access lifts should be installed in the homes of people with disabilities, so that they can benefit from full access.

Axess 2 Easylift platform lift 2 - How Can Disabled Access Lifts Improve People’s Lives?

Perhaps the major advantage that comes from installing disabled access lifts is how they can improve people’s quality of life. A home is more than just a building, it’s where we live and the place where we make memories, so the last thing anyone wants to do is move just because it’s challenging to move around the house.

Having a better quality of life, then, means having better access. Instead of looking for another home, installing a disabled access lift can allow people to travel to every corner of the house, be it by wheelchair or not.

Part of having great quality of life is leading an independent life. This means people not having to rely on family members or caretakers for help travelling from one place to another in their own homes, since disabled access lifts, no matter what kind, are safe, time-saving and, most importantly, easy to use for people with disabilities.

Flexstep 4 - How Can Disabled Access Lifts Improve People’s Lives?

Due to the fact that different people have different needs – and no home is the same – having several lift options can make all the difference in the world. If it’s not possible to install a low rise lift, for instance, due to the features of the home, then there’s still the option of installing a lift for stairs or a vertical platform lift, which is a great option if there isn’t a lot of available space to work with.

Meeting people’s needs is a must when it comes to providing access in their homes, which is why we offer bespoke lifts that can match any interior design and be tailored to fit any physical features of the house.

At Axess2 we specialise in a wide variety of lifts, and we know the right one can change people’s lives forever. You can get in touch with our team or call us on 01200 315 025, and we’ll use our knowledge and experience to answer all of your questions – and install the perfect bespoke lift for your needs! You can also check us out on FacebookTwitter and Google+ to stay up to date with our latest news and offers.