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When the design of a home or commercial building is being created, consistency is often key. Many architects will talk about creating a ‘flow’ throughout the space which ties elements together. This is something that we often think about when we are looking to incorporate a lift into the design of a building. Rather than a lift looking out of place and sticking out, it can become a valued part of the style of the space.

Durham Cathedral Lift Design

Enhance or Blend In

When you are considering how a lift can fit in with the design of a space, it is often helpful to think about whether you want the lift to enhance the style of its surroundings or whether you want it to blend in, becoming almost invisible and showing off its surroundings.

This is a challenge we faced when we were designing a lift for Durham Cathedral. The existing beauty of the structure meant that we did not want to mask or hide any of the beautiful Norman design. We were also faced with the challenge of working alongside the restrictions that come with updating a grade I listed building. By designing a bespoke glass enclosure with frameless glass doors, the lift design has become a part of the building without detracting from the impressive style.

In other cases, we have worked on projects which called for something that enhanced its surroundings, becoming part of the design itself. This is something that we achieved when working on the transformation of a derelict water tower. The structure itself was modern and fresh but used natural elements. The lift we created was sleek and stylish but gave the passenger the ability to look out at the surrounding views as they travelled between floors. This lift definitely provided an enhancement to the space and was even featured on Channel 4’s The Restoration Man.

Water Tower Lift Design

Making a Lift a Focal Point

Lifts can not only enhance, they can become a focal point in their surroundings, almost acting as a canvas on which to display whatever design is wanted.

We had the opportunity to make a lift a focal point during a project where we created a Liverpool FC-themed home lift! The football-focused project resulted in the creation of a unique lift which is emblazoned with the LFC badge, so it is surely a focal point in its home. This lift didn’t just enhance the design of its surroundings, it can became the centre of the design.

Liverpool FC Lift Design

We have had the opportunity to work on a number of challenging projects which have pushed our lift design skills further than ever before. With a range of cabin finishes, lift doors and bespoke design options to choose from, a lift can become a valued part of your design.

Please do take a look at our case studies to find out more about the projects we have previously worked on, and if you are interested in finding out more, you can contact us by calling 01200 405005 or by filling out our online enquiry form.