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Home lifts are brilliant features to have in any home. They are a good design feature, are useful and are accommodating for people with mobility impairments. They are certainly more than just a simple novelty in a home and this blog will go into why.

Great Feature for any home

Home lifts can be a brilliant aesthetic feature to your house. If you want your lift to be an obvious part of your home’s design then it can easily become a really nice feature. Many think that lifts in homes must have an ugly and boring design but this is not the case at all. Lifts like the Leonardo or the Rafael Piccolo look brilliant and would make excellent design features. Because home lifts are not used widely, homes with lifts are something special and are a good way to impress visitors or make friends jealous! Better yet, a home lift may be a brilliant selling point if you were to sell your house later down the line.


A home lift is an incredibly useful feature for a home. Having a home lift is useful for when you need to carry things like laundry up and down stairs. Whereas doing this on stairs is doable, it is much safer for you to use a lift where there is no risk that you could fall and injure yourself. Home lifts are a much quicker way for you to get to different floors in your house. Why waste time walking up and down your stairs when you could just use your lift?

Helpful for disabled people

Although for most people a home lift is a luxury, for some it is a necessity. People with mobility impairments or elderly people may have difficulty getting up and down stairs comfortably. Rather than having to live in a bungalow or have an ugly stair lift installed, they can benefit from using a home lift. This gives people more freedom to choose where they live and the houses they buy. Even if nobody living in your home has mobility impairments, your home lift will be incredibly useful for visitors to your house who do. Alongside this, having a home lift means that you are prepared for the future should anything happen to you or the people in your home that means that you cannot comfortably use stairs any more.

If you’re considering your options for home lifts then we can help you to make sure your home design is completed exactly to your liking, aesthetically and functionally. If you’d like to find out more about our products, do not hesitate to contact us now by calling 01299 405 005 or emailing We can design bespoke lifts to meet whatever requirements you may have, no matter how specific they are.