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Home Lift or Stairlift Which Should I Choose?

Home Lifts vs Stair Lifts

For some UK homeowners, getting up the stairs to reach the upper floors of their property is not as simple as it once was. Mobility issues or medical conditions can make it almost impossible to perform this simple task. In addition, some UK homeowners find carrying heavy loads up the stairs too much to handle. But what can you do in situations like this?

The best answer is to get some help with getting up and down stairs in your home safely. The main two options in this regard are installing a stair lift or a home lift. Although this might sound like a tricky choice to make, it actually gets easier when you know more about what each offers. Once you have more information to work from, you can then select the best option for your own circumstances.

But first, what should you know about stair lifts and home lifts?

Home lifts

Luxury Home Lift


Home lifts essentially do the same thing as a stair lift, but with a little more style and luxury. This makes them a great option if how the appearance of the lift is important to you and how well it blends in with your existing decor is crucial. It is also worth factoring in that home lifts tend to add more value to your property than a stair lift.

These sorts of lifts also tend to be quieter, due to the cable or hydraulic parts they include. This makes them a good choice if you do not want a lift which is too noisy. Home lifts also come with the ability to customise the design and get the exact product you want. From wooden to metal fittings, you can unleash your creativity and end up with a lift you love.

If the main purpose of installing this feature in your home is to lift heavy objects, home lifts are usually the better choice. Whether it is furniture or heavy boxes, they are the easiest and safest way to go about it. It is also key to point out that home lifts are easy to use and do not come with lots of complex controls to operate.

When it comes to this kind of lift, you do need to factor in that certain building work may be needed for installation and planning permission might also be required. In addition, they can be more expensive than stair lifts due to their extra features.

Stair lifts

Stair lifts are usually something people have installed when mobility or health issues cause problems getting up or down stairs at home. This can mean they greatly improve the quality of life for people in this position.

Stair lifts are usually a less expensive option and can be fitted quickly. This means there is no waiting around for them to be ready when you need quick access to the upper floors of your property. As with home lifts, stair lifts are normally simple to operate and deliver an effective way for anyone to gain assistance with getting up the stairs

Stair lifts are also very versatile and can be fitted on almost any set of stairs in any home. Whether you have straight or curved stairs, you should have no problem fitting this kind of lift. When you also factor in that they do not need planning permission or extensive building work to install, their appeal is clear.

But what drawbacks do they come with? It has to be said that they aren’t the most stylish home additions and this could be a major put-off for some buyers. You may also find that most stair lifts can be a little noisy and that they are not as customisable as home lifts.

Which is best – home lift or stair lift?

The simple facts are that it all comes down to personal preference and which type of lift suits your particular needs. If you are on a limited budget, need one fitting very quickly and don’t place too much emphasis on looks, stair lifts could be for you.

If, on the other hand, you prioritise looks and the ability to add a bespoke addition to your property, home lifts could be a better option. These kinds of lifts may also be best if you need to move heavy objects between floors, and can even add value to your home.

Home lifts from Axess2


If you think that a home lift is the best choice for you, let Axess2 help today. Our range of top-quality home lifts not only look amazing but are easy to use, safe, and make reaching the upper levels of your home simple. Contact us on 01200 405005 for more details and one of our expert team will be happy to help further.