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Lifts are so much a part of our everyday world that many people don’t think about them very much. Obviously, here at Axess 2 we’re an exception to that rule – we’re passionate about lifts and think they’re a fascinating subject. We’ve offered some interesting lift trivia before, but did you know that…

  • Lyndon Johnson, the 36th President of the United States, worked as an elevator operator when he was 16 years old.
  • Some lifts (usually ones in public buildings) have a “Door Close” button… that does nothing. It’s actually only enabled in an emergency situation, with a key held by an authority.
  • The first exterior glass elevator – allowing guests to enjoy a panoramic view as they ascend – was installed in 1956 at the El Cortez Hotel in San Diego. It was said to have been a humble bellboy’s idea.
  • Lifts carry the equivalent of the entire world’s population every few days.
  • The New York Marriott was the first building to install a system which assigns passengers to different lifts depending on which floor they’re going to. This helps passengers get to their destination quicker, with fewer stops along the way.
  • Hall & Oates, the American musicians known for their late ‘70s and early 80’s hits including “Maneater”, first met in a lift – whilst escaping from a gang fight. They were both performing in a less-than-savoury area, and the service lift provided a convenient escape route.
  • Have you ever noticed that when you’re near the bottom of a building, the first lift always seems to be going down, but when you’re near the top it always seems to be going up? It’s called the elevator paradox, and it was noticed and explained by physicists Marvin Stern and George Gamow.
  • Mirrors are often installed inside lifts to make them appear larger – making them more comfortable for claustrophobic passengers.
  • Italy is said to have more lifts than any other country in the world – but the USA is close behind.

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