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Lifts are a part of our daily lives and you can find them in numerous buildings throughout the world. The evolution of lifts have come a long way since the middle of the 19th century, where lifts were powered and often steam operated, and mainly used for transporting materials in factories, mines and warehouses.

Many buildings require lifts instead of stairs and escalators as a way of transporting people and goods, and one of these is the platform lift.

platform lift - Everything You Need to Know About Platform Lifts

What Are Platform Lifts?

Platform lifts are primarily designed to offer a reasonably priced solution to individuals who have difficulty with a staircase. They can serve two or more floors by taking a small number of people, or depending on what lift, up to two wheelchair users, up or down in an enclosed shaft. Platform lifts grant autonomy to users by having easy-to-use controls inside the shaft, and their service also transports passengers their destination with dignity and ease.

Platform lifts come in three types:

  • Step lifts – allow easy entry into any sort of building.
  • Incline lift – to enable wheelchair users to access the next storey using a stairlift with a level platform.
  • Vertical platform – these medium rise lifts allow a platform to rise up and down a tube, and are ordinarily controlled by the user to allow independence. At Axess2, our low pit vertical platform lifts can be specified with a pit as low as 100mm.

The Right Settings for Platform Lifts

Platform lifts can be used commercially and in-home environments. The lifts are best for low rise buildings where there is a disabled access problem or where it is not possible (or cost-prohibited) to install a passenger lift.

Used internally or externally, platform lifts offer a solution for a wide range of properties, including:

  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Home use
  • New and existing buildings
  • Businesses

Platform lifts bring many advantages to their users:

  • Suitable for anyone who has difficulty with stairs
  • Reliable, quiet, economical, and safe
  • Requires little space or building works
  • No requirement for a machine room or lifting beam.
  • platform lift 1 - Everything You Need to Know About Platform Lifts

The Different Types of Platform Lifts

There are various types of platform lifts, all designed to suit different consumer needs. Here is a list of these different types:

EasyLift–The EasyLift is built with flexibility and solid construction, it stands out as a unique accessibility product. It offers wheelchair users and the walking-impaired access to levels which would be difficult to reach. It has a maximum lifting height of 1250mm and it can be used as an access solution both indoor and outdoor.

FlexStep – The FlexStep is a perfect solution for individuals who have to overcome level differences, especially where the available space is limited. The 2-in-1 product combines staircases and lifting platforms and it is the most space-saving lift available in the market. Our FlexStep lift operates through four linear actuators with an advanced control system ensuring smooth movement.

Hidden Step Lift (HDN) – The HDN can be easily integrated into any building style. It is designed to be discreet and blend into its surroundings. When the lift isn’t in use, it neatly retracts below the floor. The user-friendly design features a registered lifting principle, ensuring the wheelchair remains level and stable.

HDN Lift Feature Image - Everything You Need to Know About Platform Lifts

Hydraulic 500 (Rafael)–The Rafael lift combines innovation with technology, making it suitable for businesses and commercial buildings where 500kg is required. It features a 200mm low pit and low headroom height.

Lyfta L–The Lyfta L lift is suitable for loads of up to 1000kg or 8 people. It has been designed to provide effective and easy access in the public and commercial sector where high loads are required. Based on a screw and nut driving system, it’s the best solution for existing building projects.

Lyfta M – The Lyfta M is for places where conventional lifts cannot be installed due to lack of space. It can be installed in a 50mm pit for a flat levelled entry. Its unlimited design and custom options make it an asset to every interior.

Traction 400 (Leonardo) – The Leonardo is the first platform lift with sliding doors. It requires only a shallow pit of 200mm and a low headroom height of 2700mm, also featuring an integrated drive system which doesn’t require a separate machine room. Used for both public buildings and home environments, the lift can also have a bespoke car interior.

Leonardo lift category - Everything You Need to Know About Platform Lifts

What You Need to Know When Choosing a Platform Lift

Purchasing or choosing a platform lift can be a daunting process if you are unsure of the product details, and there are also many elements to consider. Here are a few things you need to know when choosing a platform lift:

How much space do I need? – The footprint of the lift is a vital consideration in relation to your building; the arrangement of doors and the space required are also a necessity to ensure safe access for wheelchair users.

Should the lift be open or enclosed? – An open type platform lift does not have a shaft, whilst an enclosed platform lift has a shaft for the entire length of travel. An open style platform can only be used up to a maximum travel of three metres.

Do I need remote landing call buttons? – If the access to the lift is tight or restricted in a corridor, then remote landing call buttons should be a consideration. This would result in the space in front of the lift being easier for the wheelchair to navigate.

Platform Lifts at Axess2

At Axess2, we supply a range of vertical platform lifts, which can be low pit lifts, low headroom lifts, or pitless lifts. Low pit lifts have all the characteristics of a conventional passenger lift, with efficient drive systems for moderate use. Our lifts can be designed and tailored to your requirements, with the option to include sliding doors and ‘one touch controls’ if the lift cabin is fully enclosed.

If you would like to find out more information about our platform lifts or the other services we provide, please do not hesitate and contact a member of our team today by calling 01200 405 005 or emailing, and we will be happy to help.