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Lifts don’t have to be just a helpful means of getting from A to B, they can be a pretty interesting too.

Here we take a look at some of the most entertaining elevators from around the world, which really are an experience, offering passengers a whole lot more than a just few minutes of awkward silence.

Luxor Hotel Elevator

Las Vegas hotels are renowned for their array of lavish and somewhat bizarre designs and the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas is no exception. This hotel in particular, is home to some rather unique elevator designs.

What’s special about the elevators here is that they travel at an incline of 39 degrees and are known as inclinators rather than lifts.

Louvre Elevator, France

The Louvre museum in Paris is home to a rather unique platform lift, which resembles something out of a sci-fi movie.

This open-topped hydraulic lift is encased in an intricate spiral structure and is an important work of art in its own right. The lift even features a slide-out walk way, which allows passengers to board and disembark.

Legoland Disco Elevator

The Legoland Hotel in Carlsbad, California, is home to one of the most fun, if a little strange, elevators in the world. Whilst the elevator only travels 3 floors, it definitely makes for a rather interesting ride.

The hotel’s so called “disco elevator” is decorated with a series of Lego characters dressed in nightclub attire and also features its very own disco ball.

Once the doors of the elevator close behind you, the floor panels light up, the music begins and you’re treated to an variety of disco classics from the likes of ABBA and the Village People. Now that makes a journey in this elevator an experience to remember.

Taipei 101 Tower, Taiwan

If you want to take a trip in a lift that feels more akin to a racing car, then look no further than the lifts at the Taipei 101 tower in Taipei, Taiwan. This impressive 101-storey building features a total of 67 lifts. However, two of these in particular are rather special; designed to travel at an incredible 1,010 meters per minute, taking passengers from the fifth floor to the 89th in a matter of only 37 seconds. A trip in one of these elevators is a truly breathtaking experience and a real treat for thrill seekers.

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