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Elevators into outer space have been discussed for literally decades, and any of us who read Roald Dahl’s classic books Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator will have been introduced to the concept at a very young age. Most of the public probably view these sorts of conversations as purely set within the realms of fantasy, and few would credit that this sort of technology would even exist to attempt such an undertaking.

A Flight of Fancy?

Here at Axess2, we’ve touched upon the idea of space-faring lifts before, and we’ve reported how a number of scientists view the problem as a deadly serious conundrum that needs to be solved. Many issues would need to be overcome, not least the development of incredibly strong materials, and also cutting-edge innovations to combat space debris and vibration, but the idea does work in theory. However, the very latest news suggests that this well-trodden talking point is becoming even more refined in the area of specifics, as one Japanese company has stated that, not only can they build such a construction, but they aim to have done so by 2050; hardly light years away.

A Work In Progress

According to CNET, the Obayashi Corporation – a leading figure in Japanese construction – has committed to this feat, and they believe that the technology to back up this project already exists. They key to an elevator to outer space is thought to be carbon nanotechnology, as this is already capable of being used to construct a cable that is nearly one hundred times stronger than conventional steel. The only current stumbling block is the inability to create a cable of sufficient length, but the Obayashi Corporation confidently predicts that this niggling problem will have been dealt with in the next 15-16 years.

Should it ever transpire, this lift will reach almost 60,000 miles into space, and would use robotic cars to transport both people and other forms of cargo into the confines of a space station. The ability to reach space within an elevator would hugely assuage the existing costs and dangers of outer space travel, although, as you might expect, the funds needed to transfer this dream into a reality would need to be colossal. As such, the completion of the project is unlikely to occur without the concerted effort of a number of international contributors.

Axess 2 - commercial lifts

Cutting-Edge Lifts

Of course, an elevator to space is a fascinating idea for us here at Axess2 to contemplate, but it’s not going to make a huge difference in the small day-to-day running of things, and that’s why we believe that installations like our very own passenger lifts are definitely here to stay. What’s more, you don’t have to wait until 2050 to experience genuinely futuristic lift technology, as our bespoke lift design service is making this sort of expertise available right now. Whether you need a small lift to transport food within a restaurant, a disability-focused stair lift to assist with mobility concerns, or a large machinery directive lift for a sizable commercial premise, we can certainly help.

To find out more about our provision of lifts, or if you have an enquiry about the specifications of a particular model, please feel free to get in touch with the friendly Axess2 team today. Don’t forget that we can also tailor our lifts from scratch for you as well, so whilst we might not be able to come up with something to take you to the moon, we can certainly achieve a lot of other specificities. Contact us now by calling 01200 405 005 or send an email to and we’ll be happy to assist you.