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Our passenger lifts run smoothly… so your business does too!

Whether your business has two floors or five, access is always going to play an important part of the success and viability of your company and the premises it is contained in. Here at Axess 2, we understand how a lift can elevate your business, providing a convenient and safe way to access to the upper floors of your building. No matter the size of your business, we are certain that one of our several different passenger lift options will be suitable to fulfil all your access requirements. Why not take a look at the benefits of each of our range of standard and bespoke passenger lifts and find the ideal access solution to your business today?

Hydraulic Passenger Lifts

Our hydraulic passenger lifts are a fantastic option for any business, available with a ranging capacity from 320kg (4 person) to 1500kg (20 person) dependant on your requirements and intended purpose. Utilising proven technology, our lifts use a hydraulic drive system that is virtually noise and vibration free, offering outstanding ride quality for all who use them. Another benefit of our amazing hydraulic passenger lift is that they are available in both machine room and machine room-less versions, depending on your requirements and preferences. These lifts are the perfect option when you desire excellent reliability combined with low energy usage which results in reduced long-term costs.

Traction Passenger Lifts

Our traction passenger lifts offer easy installation, reliability and innovation for your business. Utilising advanced components and superior building techniques, the end result of our traction passenger lift installation is exceptional ride quality for you, your staff and your customers. Our traction passenger lifts are available with a ranging capacity from 320kg (4 person) to a staggering 2000kg (26 person) making them the robust solution for your access needs. Similarly to the hydraulic passenger lifts, these lifts are also available in machine room or machine room-less versions dependant on your preferences.

Whichever your preference, both our hydraulic and traction passenger lifts offer you an access solution that is quick to install, and requires very little maintenance to keep them running smoothly. This ensures minimal disruption to your business and staff, avoiding long closures of your premises. This being said, if you happen to encounter any problems with your Axess 2 lift, we have 185 engineers at our disposal nationwide, allowing for swift action to correct any issues.

Here at Axess 2, we know just how to ensure your complete satisfaction when you choose from our range of lifts. As a well-respected  UK lift company, we have supplied access solutions to some of the biggest names in the commercial sector, providing companies such as Omega, Next, and Mcdonalds with their ideal lifts. If you believe that your business could benefit from one of our fantastic  passenger lifts, do not hesitate to get in contact today to discuss how we can help you find your perfect access solution.