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Lugging furniture and personal belongings up and down the stairs is never the easiest task you will get around the household. Stairs can become even more of a nuisance if you have mobility problems and find it difficult to move between floors. Here at Axess2, we design home lifts and install them for you effectively so you can enjoy the many benefits of the lifts.

We ensure the lifts make your life much easier when stairs become too much. Prior to installing your lift, planning procedures to survey where we will put the equipment take place. Our design process is carried out by experienced professionals to ensure every aspect of the lift is perfect for your requirements. The advantages of having our home lifts include their practical characteristics, value for money, and style.

Practicality: Home lifts are typically small and compact therefore they do not require excess amounts of space. This means you can easily change your life without any major disruptions taking place.

Installation: Setting up a home lift does not cause disturbances to the household structure. The process only involves making a hole to link the different floors and this is certainly reversible in future, if you need to.

Add value to the home: A lift can be perceived as a symbol of wealth. It adds to the luxurious characteristics of a property and in the case of you wishing to sell the house, this feature will undoubtedly make the house’s value increase.

Cost effective: Despite being partly admired by many homeowners for their luxurious purposes, home lifts are a very cost effective purchase. The very competitive prices we offer at Axess2 on the top quality products compared to the purposes they will serve and their durability makes them worthwhile equipment.

All homeowners can enjoy many other advantages from installing a home lift. If you also want to benefit from these home lifts then look no further than us at Axess2. We have a range of high standard home lifts that can change your life and make manoeuvring up and down the stairs much easier. Our services are of the highest quality and we take it a step further by offering you a bespoke service that is tailored to specific requirements. For more information regarding our lifts please give us a call on 01200 405 005our friendly assistants will be available to give you the help need.