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Getting a home lift installed is a necessity for some, and it brings many benefits to the lives of those who need them. Contrary to popular belief, home lifts do not have to take up a lot of space and opting to install a lift in the home allows homeowners to remain in their residence rather than having to move due to any mobility restrictions.

When most people think of lifts they imagine dreary grey, boring boxes that they’ve seen their whole lives in shopping centres. But a home lift does not have to be this way – unless, that’s what you want. Home lifts are completely customisable, and every aspect of their design can be tailored to suit your tastes and style.

Home lift 2 - Customise Your Home Lift to Suit Your Tastes


At Axess2, our lifts are available in an extensive range of designs or you can design an entirely bespoke lift yourself. When it comes to home lifts, everything from the materials, the type and style of door, the colours and even the buttons can be customised. But you may be wondering why you would feel the need to customise every aspect in such great detail.

Well, a lift is really no different from any piece of furniture you would consider buying, in terms of how it will fit into the style and décor of your home. A home lift will become a key component of your home, and such a prominent feature should blend seamlessly into your home, as if it had always belonged there. Home lifts can be customised to fit in with your current home design, whether that be the wall designs, artworks or even the lighting.

A customised lift can also reflect your personality and interests. Take, for example, this Liverpool Football Club themed lift we installed in the home of a super fan. After hearing about our bespoke lifts, he came to us wanting a unique lift design to suit his needs. We created his dream lift from his specifications, and the finished sleek design of the lift included placing wraps on the interior and exterior with the Liverpool team’s colours and crest for a perfect finish. It goes to show just what can be achieved; you really can have a lift completely customised to your exact requirements.


At Axess2, we have a range of luxury home lifts that can be fitted to minimise the space they use and designed specifically to suit your needs. There are near limitless options for design, no two lifts are alike. With our luxury lifts, you can choose the look of the cabin interior and even the kind of buttons you’d like installed – from modern to traditional styles, our lifts are ultimately customisable.

One such luxury lift for the home is the Traction 400 (Leonardo). The Leonardo is the first platform lift with sliding doors, requires only a shallow 200mm pit and a low headroom for 2700mm, and it features an integrated drive system that doesn’t require a separate machine room.

The Leonardo home lift is available in a range of door panel finishes, interior cabin panels, cabin floors, texture finishes, RAL colours, door styles, and cabin and landing buttons. When it comes to designing your personalised home lift, there really are so many different styles and customisable features to choose from.

Home Lift 1024x768 - Customise Your Home Lift to Suit Your Tastes


Of course, the more customised the lift, the higher the cost. At Axess2, we aim to bring home lifts to customers on every kind of budget, and we have three tiers of pricing. Our bespoke lifts that can be tailored to your exact specifications are our third tier and they are priced on request. The second tier is where you’ll find our luxury home lifts, such as the Leonardo, where prices start at £18,000 – you’ll benefit from a uniquely designed lift that is designed for your home.

Our first tier is where you’ll find our most affordable lifts; starting at just £12,000, our extremely compact Qube home lift takes up no more space than a wardrobe and is ideal for homes where space is limited. Also available with customisation, there are a wide range of internal and external finishes, colours, lighting and flooring options available to ensure the lift will blend seamlessly into any home.

Whatever your style and preference, at Axess2 we can help you design the perfect home lift to suit your needs. Contact us today and our team will be delighted to help design the right lift for you.