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Behind the scenes of many a business, there are a lot of goods to be moved around, and for the safety and welfare of your workers you need to ensure that you have the right equipment. For shifting goods from one floor to another, trolley lifts or dumbwaiters are the ideal solution.

While in practice they’re relatively similar to the dumb waiter, in that they’re used to carry goods rather than people, they carry much larger loads – up to 300kg rather than 100kg – and are therefore ideal for transporting goods from storage areas to shop floors and business areas, and also for transporting cleaning trolleys to different floors.

Popular with retail stores, hotels, pubs and bars, a trolley lift can carry heavy and bulky loads quickly and easily. They are ideal for moving trolleys, crates and roll cages; your staff can simply roll or stack the goods onto the lift, push a button and then send them up to a colleague waiting on another floor.

They also are impressively easy to install, as they don’t require a separate motor room or load-bearing shaft and, as they are normally available from stock, we can usually have them installed within just a few days.

Even where the structure of your property doesn’t allow for a pit, you can still install a trolley lift. This simply means that the bottom floor will be served above floor level, by 35cm for a 250kg trolley lift, or by 60cm for a 300kg trolley lift. In fact this may be more suitable if your staff need to stack crates onto the lift, as they will not need to bend as far.

For ease of access, you can also choose up to three entrances on each floor, making it really easy to get your goods to the right place.

If your business could benefit from installing trolley lifts, contact us on 01200 405005 to speak to our friendly team. Here at Axess 2, we specialise in lift installations for both commercial and residential buildings, and our experts are always happy to advise you on the best lift for your property.