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Qube 1 Home Lift Installation

The Qube home lift is the smallest and the most compact home lift in the market, allowing homeowners to have an efficient and safe lift solution. Homes designed with little space don’t need to compromise on only having a staircase with Qube home lift.


The Qube home lift has a travel height up to 13 metres, allowing for comfortable and convenient transportation within the home. With three designs, the Qube home lift utilises a system involving a large screw in order to be able to raise and lower the lift platform. Through this design, the Qube home lift doesn’t require a machinery space and is capable of being placed on the floor, in any location within the home.

With 50mm deep recess, the lift can be directly on the floor for convenience, ensuring the installation process is flexible, inexpensive, and simple, without requiring construction or other installations within the space. The Qube home lift is a less costly solution than other home lifts, allowing you to have the needed solution for the space in your home. The Qube 1 lift has a cabin size of 805mm x 580mm, making it the smallest model of the Qube range.

With a range of 200 colours for the doors, the shaft, and the lift car interior, the Qube home lift can easily be customised to seamlessly fit in with your home’s interior. Composed of 95% recyclable materials and with an energy rate of ‘A’, according to VDI4707, the Qube home lift requires little maintenance and operating costs.


With the specifications of a limited amount of room, installing the Qube One home lift efficiently was essential. With any home, adapting to the existing space and design is vital to ensure the safety of the passengers, and that the lift complies with every requirement and legal standard. As experts in installing lifts, here at Axess2 installing the Qube home lift securely was a priority.

As space was limited, we installed the Qube home lift in place of a hallway storage cupboard, ensuring not only that it integrated within the home but also that it was a safe solution for the client. After installation, our client said:

“I am writing to say how delighted I am with the lift recently installed at the start of February. It is already making a huge difference to my daily life. I allowed a week or so to elapse before getting in touch to check everything is working smoothly and confirm this is the case. I am so pleased I chose this particular lift. I do like the engineering, its sturdiness and obvious quality. And I cannot believe just how well it fits in my hall. I enclose a couple of photos to show you this.

Thank you very much indeed for your patience and expertise.”

If you require a sustainable and efficient lift solution, here at Axess2 we have a wide range of lifts that are sure to fit your needs!

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