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Platform Lift Installation, Cooke Fuels

Local company, Barnfield Construction use Axess 2 platform lifts again for this project for Cooke (Samuel Cooke and Co) Fuels offices in Barrowford.

Barnfield Construction chose our Lyfta platform screw lift for the first offices on the Vantage Court site, which was perfect for the requirements for Part M of the building regulations, as this type of platform lift is designed for disabled access only with low use.

The client along with Barnfield Construction wanted a more useable lift with a more conventional passenger lift appearance.

A visit was made to the Axess 2 showroom, to view and ride in the new Leonardo pitless lift with low headroom. All were impressed with the look and feel of the product and after a short time decided to chose the lift specification and interior exactly how we had it in our offices. We believe it is much better to see and experience lifts before buying, especially in the current economic climate when value for money and reassurance is needed more than ever.

Although extremely high specification of lift car and glass structure was chosen, as it comes from our range, the lift was delivered within the eight weeks remit. The Vantage Court site had been prepared correctly by Barnfield Construction to our drawings, and the whole structure and complete platform lift were installed in four days. There were a couple of special items requested, as there was no permanent power on site we installed the lift from a 1kw generator, and because the lift is so low powered we only used half of the power output, this meant we did not delay any of the project due to power requirements. The client also wanted to have a tiled floor in the cabin, so a 15mm recess was designed in the cabin floor to allow a tile to be installed.

The pictures speak for themselves: a unique modern platform lift for our discerning customers in 2010.

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