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Galileo Lift Installation, Secret Location - London

We get to work on some pretty exciting projects here at Axess2, some so exciting that we’re not actually allowed to disclose where they are.

However, in some cases, we are able to give you some overview of what we’ve been working on, and we’ve completed one project that we’re incredibly proud of that we can tell you a little bit about, although we can’t say where this masterpiece has been installed.


We were approached to come up with a very unique lift design which allowed our design specialists to push their creativity to the limit. The lift itself was required to come up through a roof into the outside world; a truly amazing design which required a lot of thought on our part when it came to the logistics of the project at hand.

In true Axess2 style, we were able to collaborate our ideas and come up with a solution which not only operates perfectly, but looks fantastic, too.

The glass shaft provides a fantastic view as the passenger lift ascends, and the style of the lift as a whole fits perfectly in the environment that it is installed in. This is what we pride ourselves on here at Axess2 – providing a solution that not only works better than intended, but also takes into consideration the surroundings of the lift, too.


The solution that we designed needed to meet specific criteria due to the nature of its use.

The Galileo that we installed has the following specification:

  • 8 Person passenger Lift
  • Travels 1 metre per second
  • Full glass bespoke cabin
  • Full MRL Gearless drive with no machinery cabinet; our new controller is hidden in the door post.

The sleek design encapsulates the discreetness of this project perfectly, and the completely bespoke full glass cabin allows users to travel in style without having to see clunky machinery which can take away from the incredible views from the cabin during their journey.

If you’re looking for a company that can ensure discretion while still producing a well thought-out solution that meets – and often exceeds – your needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today here at Axess2; we’ll be more than happy to help.

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