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Lift Installation, Berkeley Homes


The new development includes over 500 private town houses and apartments, from one to three bedrooms.

The new homes at Stanmore Place were designed and built to be highly energy-efficient. Features such as enhanced wall insulation and reduced air leakage will lower annual heating costs for residents, and as a direct result of this, lower energy consumption will mean an overall reduction in its carbon footprint. Solar thermal panels had been fitted to the roof of some apartment blocks, supplying hot water to a selection of the homes. Solar thermal panels are a type of renewable technology, harnessing heat from the sun for use in the home. They have been integrated into Stanmore Place to reduce the overall carbon dioxide emissions of the new community. Roughly a quarter of all light fittings in the homes are designed to be used only with low energy light bulbs and all appliances supplied will have an energy rating of ‘A’ or above.

13 of the town house properties have been set aside for disabled occupancy, the properties are over three floors with very limited space for the lift installation. The lifts needed to be big enough and easy to use allowing a wheelchair user to operate the lift easily and safely, unaided. The buildings are built from timber frame construction, allowing minimal fixings for the lift, only a 200mm pit was available and headroom was a mere 2500mm.

Axess 2 was approached as we tailor all lift installations to suit the environment in which they are to be placed.

Ever mindful of optimizing energy efficiency for today’s environmentally conscious, we were asked to install an energy-efficient platform lift in thirteen of the properties.

After consultation it was agreed that the Leonardo platform lift would be the obvious choice as it is as beautiful in design as it is functional.

We provided them with the option to include a 1200mm x 800mm lift car, created in a skinplate colour from our range, we then designed the lift car to maximize space by installing the floor designation buttons into the car wall, with a brushed stainless steel hand rail to the back wall of the lift car.

All car lighting was to be LED down lighters to minimize the power consumption. The lift runs at a maximum of 5 amps, needing only a simple domestic supply.

We also offered an emergency auto dial system from the lift to our control centre, giving the lift users complete piece of mind.

We opted for our electric traction drive system, for the following reasons:

  • Very low power consumption.
  • Full UPS battery back up system for easy, safe lowering if the power fails – fitted as standard.
  • The lift is almost silent, keeping the noise to a minimum as the lifts are installed in private houses.
  • Totally clean install – no need for any hydraulic oils.
  • We designed and installed a steel ladder frame system to spread the load of the lift safely to the timber framed building. The pit depth and headroom issues were not a problem for Axess 2, as the Leonardo lift easily fits within these constraints.

The Outcome

The lifts have now been successfully installed within the properties and the client has now extended the after sales warranty term to 5 years. They will now enjoy excellent customer service along with trouble- free operation of our high class, feature-packed A7 Leonardo platform lifts.

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