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Galileo Lift Installation, Helens burgh Architectural Treasures

Back in September 2013 work began to restore and give new life to one of Helensburgh’s architectural treasures.The former Clyde Street School, which has looked increasingly derelict in recent years, is set to become a major Civic Centre. Argyll and Bute Council’s idea is to offer a one stop shop for all council services — instead of several current local council premises — and combine it with an outstanding new community facility.

The contract has been awarded to Graham Construction and is set to complete this month.

The new office block, built on the former football pitch to the west of the school is connected by a glazed walkway to the old school building. Downstairs the old school will house community facilities including a café, seating area in a flexible central hall, wedding suite/lecture theatre, meeting and conference areas, and a gallery. Upstairs will be more council offices.

Situated in the glazed walkway area, you’ll find the new panoramic glass lift shaft, nestled in between the existing school building and the glass façade of the new extension. The lift services three floors, starting off at the ground level, which can be accessed from either side of the lift shaft. The next stop for the passenger lift is the glazed cantilevered walkway and then finally up to the second floor, providing access to the old school building.

Axess 2 were approached by Graham Construction to provide a lift solution for their new project back in 2013, and after months of planning and design, the machinery directive lift you see in the images is the result.

Taking into account the criteria set by the client and contractor the Traction 600 Galileo lift was put forward as the best solution.

The Galileo is quite a unique lift, because it can be installed to three different directives. En81-1, En81-41 and in the instance, the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. The lift was installed with a low pit of only 350mm, and set to travel up to a maximum height of 4556mm.

Stage one was to construct the bespoke steel and glass structure and fix it to the mezzanine platform and the former school building. Additional work was then carried out by the contractor before we returned to install the remaining components of the lift.

The panoramic lift doors where finished in satin stainless steel and glass, but perhaps one of the most striking features was the contemporary orange wall situated in the lift cabin.

The client was extremely happy with the lift installation and couldn’t express enough how impressed they were with the product quality and craftsmanship.

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