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Fashion Lift Installation, MSGM - London

The lift of your dreams could be within your reach, if you dare. Here at Axess2, we have the power to make the most amazing concepts become your reality, and we were glad to provide this experience to MSGM in London.

Ever since MSGM approached us in March 2018, we’ve been working closely with them to provide a bespoke lift that would not only match their unique image but would also serve as the focal point of their store. This was a thrilling opportunity for our team to make something mind-blowing.

As a multi-national fashion store, MSGM needed a cutting edge lift that was more than just trendy; it needed to be a trendsetter. We’re proud to say that we think we achieved our mission.


This lift is surrounded by a huge mirrored-steel box. This was the perfect choice for MSGM – more mirrors in the store can only add to their customers’ experiences. The mirrored-steel sections stand either side of the lift doors and contain the lift shaft.


MSGM are one step ahead of the game with their new lift; following the biophilic design trends which are expected to stay strong in 2019, they requested space for a bespoke garden to sit atop their lift box. This garden drapes down over the steel sections and is augmented by the mirroring which doubles the number of plants visible. By mixing the natural look with mirrored steel, our lift at MSGM creates a very inspired hybrid atmosphere.


The final feature of this groundbreaking lift are the shelves we incorporated onto the sides. While the front of the lift is boxed in by the mirrored steel sections, the sides are constructed with transparent glass allowing passengers to see out into the main shop through the sides of the lift.

To make the most of this opportunity, MSGM requested that we incorporate shelves on which to display their merchandise on the lift. These shelves are on both sides of the lift box and are visible from within the lift and without. In the picture below, you can see the shelves and through the lift to the rest of the store.

The shelves are lined with LED strips and will display MSGM’s shoes.


At Axess2, we provide the option for you to continue your floor pattern into the lift cabin for a seamless experience. This was a feature that MSGM incorporated into their design, and we think it looks stunning.


This lift was a huge success and a huge effort on all parts. Our design team really pulled through to meet the client’s requirements, and we’re so pleased to see this lift in action before 2019.

You can visit this lift at the MSGM store on Brompton Road, London; or perhaps you’d rather start planning your own new bespoke commercial lift?

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