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Grand Designs, Lillyhall in Cumbria

Adaptahaus is an engineered solution to high volume house production and provision: building sustainable, high performance and affordable houses and buildings to conform to the current, very stringent, energy and environmental requirements. This was one of the primary reasons our Leonardo lift was chosen.

Adaptahaus approached Axess 2 after an exhaustive search in the UK and Europe for a pitless lift solution, that not only met their energy and environmental efficiency commitment, but was also highly desirable and very design orientated. Alan Dawson Associates of Lillyhall worked closely with Axess 2 and came up with a uniquely-designed round structure to house the Leonardo lift.

Alan Dawson himself came to see the first Leonardo Lift on our exhibition stand at Interbuild 2009 to finalise his design for our lift and to see our first electric traction type lift in operation, at this point Alan informed our sales team that the whole project was to be filmed as part of Channel 4’s Grand Designs programme. This was extremely exciting for Adaptahaus and Axess 2 Ltd and we were very much looking forward to working on this project, and extremely proud that Axess 2 had been chosen for this prestigious project.

The design of the structure is totally unique and credit has to be given to Alan Dawson Associates for the vision to tackle a complex structure as this. The rule of thumb is usually that ‘curves will always cost you more money’ but Alan’s team proved that with the right materials and the right company a cost-effective solution can be found for a complex situation.

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