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Can Your Property Benefit From A Glass Lift?

Lifts are essential for our day to day living – at work, out and about and sometimes even at home. However, they can also be used to provide a stunning aesthetic in many buildings, such as hotels, skyscrapers and other establishments which have a more elite and executive feel.

So why choose to install a great glass elevator instead of a normal, internal lift?


Glass lifts look incredibly impressive; their design is minimalist, smart and sleek which is a feature in itself, and becomes part of the modern architecture of the building. A glass lift in a glass building completes its seamless design and looks overall less clunky than a steel lift.

Also, some glass lifts allow people to see the mechanics inside of the lift, which can be an intriguing sight for observers.

Glass Lift


Depending on the location of your lift in the building, a glass lift can act as a viewing point for different aspects of the building. Your building may have stunning interior architecture that would be able to be admired inside a transparent lift from the lowest to the highest points.

Alternatively, you may decide to install your lift so that it scales the outer side of the building whilst maintaining its functionality for transport to the different floors. If your building is in a particularly picturesque city with spectacular skylines, then a glass lift could be a prime investment to invite the public to experience city views.


There’s no doubt that a glass lift is a thing of luxury and can create the impression of an affluent establishment. If you fill your building with luxury interiors, then having a luxury piece of engineering running through your floors will complete this aesthetic.

However, having a glass lift installed can add a bit of “wow” factor to any establishment – Axess2 manufacture all kinds of different glass and scenic lifts to suit all kinds of spaces, in various models and styles. At our company we don’t work on a one-lift-fits-all basis, as we aim to provide you with a design that best compliments your interiors.

Glass Lift


At Axess2 we manufacture three different models of scenic lift; the Hydraulic 250, the Traction 400 (Leonardo) and the Focus LPH which all have their own distinctive features in style, finishes and can elevate from 5-8 people depending on the model.

At our company we strive to provide you with the best products in lift engineering, so if you need anything from service lifts to residential lifts for stairs or our impressive glass lifts, then Axess2 are here to help. For further information on our services, feel free to contact us at 01200 315 025, otherwise you can also find us on our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages.