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As a technologically advanced nation, Britain often leads the way when it comes to disabled access considerations, but are we really the world leaders in this area that we think we are?

Britain naturally prides itself on being a country where discrimination against the disabled is kept to an absolute minimum, yet that doesn’t mean that there is room for complacency in this area. Disabled access is currently under a lot of scrutiny in the headlines, and many people are taking the stance that UK disabled access provision is not actually as good as it should be.

One of the most prominent stories to be recently featured on the BBC has been a report detailing numerous complaints over disabled access at football clubs. With football being such a cult activity to observe and participate in within the UK, widespread observations that many football facilities are excluding disabled persons are not at all welcome.

However, the news is not all negative, and there are also promising signs that if Britain could be doing more to enable better access for disabled people, then these steps are definitely being taken. One of the latest BBC articles has related how a Cumbrian railway station, once heavily criticised for restricting wheelchair access, has now secured funding for upgrades to be put in place.

The funds are being provided by the Department of Transport, and this Penrith station is not the only place to be benefitting in the near future. As many as 42 UK stations will be receiving millions of pounds to improve disabled access, so this is clearly one sector where disabled access is being honed to achieve greater efficiency.

One of the Penrith improvements is set to be a new lift for the station, and few things are more important to people with mobility concerns than an easily accessible elevator. That’s something that we’ve long prioritised here at Axess2, and that’s why we specialise in designing and manufacturing lifts to help disabled people in a range of capacities.

From specific wheelchair lifts to home lifts that make getting around your home that little bit easier, we’re proud to be doing our bit to be helping disabled access within the UK. Public disabled access receives a lot of publicity, as it rightly should, but that doesn’t mean that private access is any less important, as the last place a person wants to be inconvenienced is right within their own home.

If you’d like any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 01200 405 005 today. We’ll always be pleased to help.