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2017 is drawing to a close and, with the new year just around the corner, it’s time for architects to start getting ready for what’s to come! Next year promises to bring many new opportunities, so what better time to start thinking about your strategy for 2018 and strategise new ideas for your business?

Here are some of our suggestions of what you may want to take advantage of in the new year to enjoy a smooth transition into 2018.

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One of the most important things that you are probably praised for as an architect is your ability to keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to current home trends. While you have your own style and ideas, knowing what’s ‘in’ at the moment can help you to put your own spin on it. Knowing these trends allow you to push their boundaries too, which will help you to create new and innovative designs.

This can be applied to anything in a home, from innovating a living space to finding the perfect place to install a lift.

You can also create your own trends by exploring a material or style that is new to you, get out of your comfort zone, and experiment with ideas and concepts that you may not think are worth it at first glance – you never know what may come of this.

Use 2018 as your year to begin experimenting with new architecture styles again!

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A key element in business is expanding your customer base, a goal which is shared by all types of business, including architecture. Start creating a plan now that reflects how you want to achieve this in the new year, such as ways to attract new clients.

For some, chasing new clients can be daunting, as they may feel they’re on the constant lookout for the next job even before the current one finishes.

Instead of doing it like this, architects need to focus on a multi-channel approach, which means you should have several channels working for your business and be proactive!

The following list isn’t exclusive, but can give you an idea of things you can do:

  • Grow your social media presence and interact more with your target audience (LinkedIn is a good platform for professionals to connect)
  • Attend more conferences
  • Write articles for industry publications
  • Sponsor local events
  • Do a seminar
  • Attend networking events
  • Invest in email marketing
  • Create webinars on your website
  • Join a community board
  • Do pro-bono work

The options are limitless. Make it your New Year’s resolution to try new things to attract more clients!

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Trade shows and conferences are fantastic opportunities to meet new people and forge new relationships (as well as develop current ones), being aware of current trends and ideas, learning new things, and, of course, promoting your brand and company.

With trade shows, you are meeting people who need – or might need – to find an architect for their project, as well as people who may help spread the word about your business. Ensure that you collect information about attendees and do a follow-up afterwards to continue talking to people you met at the show.

We aim to help you achieve your goals, so we hope these ideas can assist in preparing you for 2018 and whatever it may bring! At Axess2, our extensive experience in working with architects makes us the ideal lift supplier for your next project, so get in touch to learn more about what we can do for you.