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When it comes to designing a building, there is a multitude of factors that must be considered.

Safety, effectiveness, cost…the list goes on.

So what can you do to minimise the stress and streamline the entire process, ensuring that you are not missing any important factors, which could lead to potential mistakes later down the line?

With our comprehensive guide, you can rest assured that one of the key factors, finding the right supplier, is taken care of.

1 1024x680 - Architect’s Guide to Finding the Right Supplier


As mentioned above, the list of key concepts that must be considered when designing a project is vast.

After the intricate design process, you are going to want to find the right supplier for the job, to ensure that maximum potential is reached, and the client is enthralled with the end result.

So what exactly is there to consider? There are key factors such as:

  • Safety – Always one of the most important factor to consider, as any good architect knows that without considering the safety aspect of the task at hand, the project could be held up massively. This can lead to enormous delays in the project, making both the client unimpressed, as well as holding up any progress in the long term.
  • Function – In the design process, extensive research into the products you pitch is essential, especially if you are keen to impress the client, and prove how much work has already gone into the project. Selecting products based on their functionality is important as you could potentially save the client money in the long term, and ensure that the products fitted are durable and will stand the test of time.
  • Cost – As much as the dream of having an unlimited pot to spend sounds fantastic, any architect understands that this is extremely rare. By being cost-conscious, you are proving to the client that you understand their concept, and are showcasing your skills in finding the correct item for the job whilst under financial restraints.
  • Style – The basis of any good architects skill set is style. Designing a concept which is modern, stylish and sleek will profit you long term as you can use previous projects in your portfolio, as well as fulfil the client’s demands.
  • Availability – You may find the perfect product for the job, but if said product is unavailable until 2030 then you are going to hit massive pitfalls in moving forwards. Finding the right supplier will help in this sometimes tricky process.
2 1024x683 - Architect’s Guide to Finding the Right Supplier


At Axess 2, we have architects and specifiers in mind at all times. Take a look at our Architect Portal, which has a multitude of information available to set your mind at ease, and give helpful advice and information.

Whether you are looking to install a lift in a domestic situation, or are working on a more grand scale project, we have a wide selection of platform lifts available to fulfil your needs.

In addition, our expert team can offer bespoke solutions, setting your design process towers above your competitors.

Contact us today on 01200 405005 for advice from one of our friendly team members, or make an online enquiry.