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As experts in the world of lifts, whether its passenger or platform lifts, we’ve always got our ear to the ground for any new developments or innovations that may happen around the world.

Due to our interest in revolutionary lifts, we were very excited when we heard the news this week about a lift that had been installed in Ealing, which is located in west London. Whilst it might not sound very ground-breaking, this lift is actually the first of its kind.

Sign for London Underground

Greenford Station

Greenford Station has been open since 1947, providing access on the Central Line to Oxford Street and beyond. It also provides access for the national rail service to Paddington – getting around 5 million swipes in and out every year.

Until just last year, the station was the only one throughout the underground to still have wooden stairs.

Initial Planning

There were initial plans to install a traditional vertical lift back in 2009, but the Transport for London (TfL) stopped the work due to not being able to afford the estimated £10million. The planning team at Ealing Council managed to persuade the TfL to change their designs to an incline lift – this could be installed for £2.2 million with an additional £200,000 contribution from the council.

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Why So Special?

The lift runs up a slope on miniature rails. The new design ends a frustrating 68 year wait for disabled access at the station. It now means that there is a step free access to the station, making it easier for thousands of local disabled residents or parents with prams. It’s already been announced that the same design will be used in two different Crossrail stations when they open in 3 years time.

It’s hoping to be the first step towards changing accessibility across the whole of London. It’s a fantastic innovation that has now opened up the station to more people than ever. In the future, it’s predicted that all Tube stations will have the same freedom of access as Greenford.

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