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The rest of your home is filled with Christmas, so why make your lift an exception? There are plenty of special ways in which you could be adding some extra Christmas cheer to your lift, so crack out the arts and crafts box, because it’s time to get stuck in!


We’re starting your lift’s Christmas transformation with the first thing you see. Your lift door may need to slide shut, in which case you can’t have any bulky ornaments such as wreaths adorning your lift; however, we have the perfect suggestion for you:

This decoration is gaudy indeed and works best on white doors and not much else. If you’re looking to please your kids, this type of design will go down a treat; otherwise, you can replicate the concept to create something more personal and classy.

This snowman has been smartly crafted from a set of stickers, or potentially even just sticky back card. For your own design, you could add a gentle drift of snowflakes onto your door using elegant stickers, or card with Command strips.


The handrail is the perfect opportunity for you to flex your decorating skills. You can wrap tinsel around it, snazzy fairy lights, jingle bells, fake ivy, or even dangle a festive wreath from it. The important thing to remember here is that consistency in your colour scheme will ensure your Christmas décor stays classy.

If you’re going for warm and natural themes like ivy with holly berry boughs around your handrail,  you’ll be looking to intersperse warm white LEDs as opposed to cold bright strings of icicle lights. On the other hand, if you’re going for light blues and silvers, those cold white lights will look perfect.


Christmas is an all-consuming event, so why not go all out and cover your lift’s floor in some white, fluffy stuff? Turn your lift into a winter wonderland with some artificial snow; it looks like snow but has none of the drawbacks: it doesn’t melt, isn’t cold to touch and is easy to implement.

We recommend using these rolls of artificial snow rather than covering your floor in bits and pieces of wish-you-were snow. It’s easy to lay out and and put away.


The ceiling is also a focus for Christmas joy, as you can hang paper decorations from the ceiling for a stunning effect. Purchase some stick on hooks, attach them to the ceiling and drip handcrafted snowflakes from them. If your lift isn’t too tall, you might want to consider hanging your dangling ornaments in a line against the back of the lift cabin so they won’t be catching any passengers in the face.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling fun – and your lift can carry more than one passenger – you may want to consider hanging a sprig of mistletoe from the roof of your lift cabin.


The last bit of space available in your lift decorating extravaganza is the corner. The functionality of a lift is dependent on not exceeding weight limits and maintaining a fairly equal distribution of the weight it is carrying, so try to keep your décor light.

Depending on how big your lift is, we recommend finding a small, tall and light table on which you could place a miniature but cheery Christmas tree. As earlier stated, it’s important to carry across colour themes, so decide whether your Christmas tree will feature traditional red and gold baubles or carry a crisp blue and silver look.


Your home lift may not incorporate lift music, but the Christmas season could warrant making some exceptions to your habitual lift journeys. Consider placing some festive music in your lift to really brighten your travels.

If you’re super tech smart, you could consider wiring up a system triggered by sensors that will play from a selection of tracks whenever it catches movement. For those of us who are planning a Christmas lift like no other, we recommend the tune ‘Step Into Christmas’ by Elton John as the song to greet you and your guests upon stepping into your lift.


If you’ve been inspired to pursue the lift of your dreams this Christmas, we offer bespoke lift designing services as well as our home lifts. Remember, you don’t have to use all of our tips in order to create a suitably Christmassy lift; just go with your instinct, and you’ll know whether it’s too much or not enough.

Merry Christmas, to you and your lift!